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What makes a Kingsdown Mattress Extraordinary?

For over a century, the distinctive feature of Kingsdown mattresses has been its craftsmanship, but what truly sets us apart is our devotion to decades of sleep research which has led us to a deeper understanding of the impact mattresses have on sleep quality. Our research has led us to ensure every Kingsdown mattress is well crafted to deliver the quality of life-changing benefits for healthy sleeping, the sleep that nourishes your body, renew your spirit and fills you with liveliness when you awaken.

A Higher Class of Mattress for a Higher Quality of Sleep

Our Noble range of mattresses are hand built using the latest sleep technology to provide a higher quality of sleep.

A Perfect Balance of Science and Luxury

Our Royal range uses the latest research from the Sleep Institute, this range of models combine the latest technology with time honored tradition to create mattresses of unrivaled quality.

A Brilliant Duet of Comfort and Support

Our Imperial range of mattresses are masterfully crafted to provide a perfect balance of pressure relief and postural support your body truly needs for restorative sleep.

With Us,
You are in Good Hands

With over a century of continuous improving in the quality of sleep, Kingsdown mattresses are well crafted and scientifically designed to deliver a healthy and life changing sleep experience.

Find The Perfect Mattress for You

Helping people sleep better is why we do what we do, and it's why we've consistently held ourselves to higher standards than other mattress manufacturers.Contact a sleep expert near you for more information.