Passions Beckingham Plush Hybrid

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  • Passions Beckingham Plush Hybrid

    At the heart of the Kingsdown line, Passions Hybrids combine Passions’ advanced features like tri-zoned coil support and foam infusions for enhanced comfort. The Kingsdown Passions Beckingham Plush Hybrid features additional layers of luxury Comfort Flex Plush Gel Foam and top-quilting that convey increased pressure relief for those seeking a plush feel atop optimized postural support.

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  • Faced with cooling gel fibers on the surface of the mattress maintains ideal body temperature throughout the night.

    Combines the cushioning benefits of gel with the antimicrobial and cooling properties of graphite, silver and copper for cooler, fresher sleep. This responsive layer alleviates pressure points along the body, particularly for the shoulders and hips.

    Delivers the ultimate in pressure relief and conformity. This breathable layer uses airflow channels to help disperse body heat, while its pressure-relieving ability helps the body rest in one position longer, resulting in longer, deeper sleep cycles.

    Provides cushioning comfort from head to toe.

    With Posturized Center Support: This high coil count innerspring array lies beneath plush comfort top layering and works in three unique zones. Each coil is individually wrapped to contour to the body and provides personalized support.

    L (cm)W (cm)H (cm)
    King size20018038
    Queen size20016038


    We are the only mattress manufacturer that tests every single mattress for support accuracy so you can be sure the mattress you're sleeping on will deliver the proper ergonomic support your body needs.

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